Monday, 7 March 2016

Building a Low Cost Wind Turbine Workshops

Hi all. I've got a handful of wind turbine building workshops coming up around the UK.

Bristol April 9/10:
Oxford May 8:
Glasgow May 14/15:
CAT (Wales) June 4/5:

My name is Daniel Connell, I'm a renewable energy and open source technology designer. For the last six years I've been working on setting up collaborative project spaces and giving practical making workshops in Australasia, India, and Europe.
I'll be showing you how to build a simple, low cost vertical axis wind turbine using £20-30 worth of easily sourced local recycled materials and basic hand tools. It's an easy process, no previous experience is necessary.
The turbine is powerful, rooftop-scale, sturdy, safe, quiet, and efficient. At the end of the day we'll be attaching the turbine to a generator, and information will be provided on how to mount everything and attach applications for producing electricity, irrigation, airconditioning, refrigeration, and other uses.

The build process, with details on materials and tools, is documented in full on my website:
And there is an online community where you can ask questions and receive support in building and installing your own turbine.

The cost is £80 per person or £70 each if you bring a friend, with a 10% discount for students, retirees, and the unwaged.
There are only 12 places available per day, so booking is essential.

The day will also include a presentation and discussion on off-grid living, low-tech alternative infrastructure, open source hardware, and my recent building project through India.

All tools and materials are provided. We will be making one three-vane turbine per workshop, which will then be donated to a local community project.

Registration is essential as places are limited. Please contact
Feel free to share and invite others.

See you there!

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