Sunday, 11 May 2014

India! Land of exposed wiring.
Arrived this morning, staying at Wahoe Commune, have so far organised wifi, two mangoes, a roll of toilet paper (only one in the shop, dude blew actual dust off it), learnt how to say Please and Thank You (shukrea), 'A Bottle Of Water Please' (bottel pani shukrea), and 'Jandle' (sandle).

Plan now, is to sleep.
Plan for tomorrow is to pitch in in some manner on Wahoe's educational projects in the slums and at some point soon start visiting the city's various hacker and maker spaces, start putting together a wee crew for making stuff and doing things.
Exactly what will depend on what people actually want.

Meanwhile, I think my ceiling fan is, even when not running, actively planning my violent death.
Will it be electrocution? Concussion? Probably decapitation.

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