Friday, 28 March 2014

Building a Low Cost Wind Turbine - Berlin

Saturday April 26th - 10am to 5pm
Sunday April 27th - 10am to 5pm
(Two separate workshops)

My name is Daniel Connell, I'm a renewable energy and open source technology designer. For the last five years I've been working on setting up collaborative project spaces in Europe, and giving practical making workshops in Britain, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.

I'll be showing you how to build a simple low cost vertical axis wind turbine using salvaged materials. The turbine is rooftop-scale, sturdy, safe, quiet and efficient. Information will be provided on how to attach an alternator/generator for producing electricity, or air/water pump for irrigation, refrigeration, etc.

There are only 12 places available per day workshop, so early booking is essential.

The day will also include a presentation and discussion on methods and technologies for living offgrid, low-tech alternative infrastructure development around the world, open source hardware, and my upcoming on-the-ground building project through remote Australia and Asia which proceeds from the workshop will be funding.

You are welcome to bring a lunch.

The workshop is €80 per person, or €70 if you pay the €20 deposit within a week of registering.
All tools and materials are provided. We will be making one three vane turbine as a group, which will then be donated to the venue. 

Registration is essential as places are limited. Please contact 
Feel free to share this flyer, or invite people via the Facebook event:

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